Radona Tablets & Syrup

Skin is one of the largest organ and is considered as a mirror of our inner health. Clear and glowing skin is everybody’s desire and helps in developing positive self-esteem and confidence. Skin if not given due care can result into acne, pigmentation and premature aging. Ayurvedic approach to skin care is somewhat different from modern medicine. Ayurveda treats the underlying skin problem at its root, without relying entirely on topical preparations. Ayurvedic herbs are well known to improve and maintain skin health.

Radona is an effective composition based on the Ayurvedic wisdom for the management of skin disorders. In addition to symptomatic relief the ingredients in Radona are known to strengthen the skin’s ability to heal and also improve the skin complexion.

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Monograph: Radona Tablets
Monograph: Radona Syrup