Arshkeyt, a "7 day kit"

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Arshkeyt, a “7 day kit” is designed for integrated management of “Arsha” (hemorrhoids or piles). The components of Arshkeyt with their actions /effects and dosage are as follows:

Component Actions / Benefits Directions for Use
Arshkeyt Tablets
(For Oral use)
Controls bleeding, reduces inflammation and pain. 2 tablets thrice a day with sufficient water.
Arshkeyt Cream
(For external use only)
Soothes the anal region, reduces anal itching, discomfort and pain. To be applied at least twice a day and after each act of defecation.
Arshkeyt Powder
(For Oral use)
Softens the hard stools & prevents constipation. One sachet to be taken at bed time with sufficient water.


  • For relief in symptoms associated with external & internal hemorrhoids.
  • To speed up the recovery and prevent relapse after hemorrhoid surgery.
  • For relief in symptoms associated anal fissures.


7-14 days or as directed by the Physician.


Arshkeyt, a "7 day kit" contains

  •  Arshkeyt Tablets: 7 Strips each 6 Tablets
  •  Arshkeyt Cream: A Lamitube of 25 g cream with an applicator
  •  Arshkeyt Powder: 7 sachets each 4 g
  •  Product Information Booklet
Ayurvedic - Arshkeyt - A 7 Day Kit

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